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Contactos: +351 915 695 356
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Contactos: +351 915 695 356


Who are we

Imagem mundo sem marca aguaThe growing dynamism of the international markets and the opening of world trade require expertise and strategic vision of “how to do?”.

That’s what was at the genesis of TROPIKLOFT’s creation. A modern, dynamic and experienced company that offers its customers a wide range of services such as advising and monitoring the process of export and / or imports, or the local representation of its brand and patents.

We have to offer a global logistics service “ent-to-end” (B2B), so that our customers can focus on developing their business in the areas «value added» – commercial, marketing, production and financial – by reducing the fixed cost structures.

We intermediate to and from any country in the world, with the best and most qualified international agents (i.e. freight).

We are present throughout the process. Since the demand, through the initial contact with the supplier until the arrival of the goods to the final destination, always meeting the specific needs of our customers. In other words, we manage the entire operation: demand, logistics, tracking and delivery; and provide all the commercial information – product, price, payment, delivery terms, rights and obligations.



Rigor – We strive for excellence and the detail, giving every purchase and every customer the most attention and dedication.

Honesty and discretion – As professionals, Tropikloft and its employees always act with the utmost care and discretion, ensuring that all processes are completed, safeguarding the interests of customers.

Integrity – Enhancing Tropikloft’s image, the distinction by professional attitude, dedication and sensitivity, allows to create a closer bond with the customer meeting their needs in a more effective, humane and efficient manner.


As a company that serves its customers and thrives on their success, Tropikloft has as its main objective the provision of a quality service that will bring added value to their customers. With a strong mentality to find the best products worldwide, with the best price-quality, Tropikloft aims to give its customers the best conditions, strengthening its relationship with its customers.

Performance Areas

As a trader, Tropikloft specializes in the activities of worldwide procurement and logistics. Supported by a technical team committed to obtain the best possible results, the highly focused areas are 4×4 accessories and building materials.

Meanwhile, and because all customers are unique, Tropikloft has experience in a variety of areas such as animal feed, house and garden furniture, garden artifacts, automobiles, etc.

Basically, Tropikloft’s area of operation covers all customer needs.

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